What is ClarkSwap?

ClarkSwap has two components:-

  1. ClarkSwap App

Your Secure,Dynamic,Reliable Crypto One Stop App

Built on the Binance Smart Chain and gives users the following Crypto functions;-

  • Buy
  • Swap
  • Trade
  • Stake &
  • HODL multiple Crypto

2. ClarkSwap Token

ClarkSwap (CLSW) is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token and is the utility Token on the ClarkSwap App.

The technology behind CLSW is the combination of $SOCKS + $RFI+ $LIQ = $CLSW

Key Features

  • 4% fee auto added to the liquidity pool and locked forever when selling thereby increasing the liquidity pool.
  • 2% fee on every transaction auto distributed to all CLSW holders.

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